Lead Generation

If you are selling products or selling services, if you own a store or a company, you need lead generation to acquire clients or customers!

What is Lead Generation?

To us, Lead Generation is a process of finding and capturing or acquiring new customers for our clients based on the prospect's interest in a specific product or service for the purpose of increasing web traffic to our client's website, foot traffic to our client's stores and creating a frictionless buyer journey throughout the buying process.

Our process of B2C lead generation follows expert and proven marketing strategies for customer acquisition and uses digital channels such as Google and Social Media. With the rise of Google AdWords, Display Ads, Search Targeting and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels' targeting options, we are able to clearly define the audience our customers are looking for.

How does defining audience impact Lead Generation?

Being able to define the target audience is of the essence for any marketing or advertising campaign. By knowing who your audience is, whether they shop online or in store, their location and interests is priceless for any marketer. By using the insight into the customer's buying habits, locations and interest we can find and target your audience, craft specific ads and offers and entice that particular buyer to act on your ads and lead the buyer through the sales and marketing funnel.

Should You use Lead Generation Techniques?

Before the digital world, lead generation was done through telephones and word of mouth. Word of mouth is good, but slow in coming and it could take years to build up your client base. There are better and faster options to generate leads, Organic SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising.
Depending on your goals and your timelines, The Marketing Factory will create a strategic media and marketing plan, customized to your business and your goals. Whether you're looking to increase your campaign efficiency, launch a product, increase sales of your product or services, improve ranking of your website on Google, Yahoo and Bing or get more leads, advertise your business online. Our expertise with lead generation, SEO Services, Demand Generation, Online Advertising and Creative Design, creates one winning recepie for better results.

We have proven lead generation and acquisition strategies that will send qualified leads to your store, website or office.
Get in touch with our experts today and see how The Marketing Factory can increase your sales!

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